Combining your ideas with our knowledge is the best capital of your business

Formidable experience gained from working with clients for different line of businesses helps us to provide wide variety of services in mobile, web and game development.

Receive a consultation and examples of our work in your business sphere
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    Mobile application development – ​​«Fruktorum»

    We use cutting edge technologies to help startups and global companies enter the mobile app market with the most effective solutions aimed at achieving their business goals.

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    Game Development

    Games are our most tasty morsel, and we put our heart and soul in their creation. From storyline to publication on stores, we will treat games that we create as Hideo Kojima and CD Project Red takes care of theirs. We just love games, which is why we make them so well.

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    Design & Art

    For each project we create unique, modern and intuitive design, that will help keep your clients, invoke trust and respect towards the company, and mainly help to make the sale. Also our art team is adept at developing and working in different art styles. We can help your game shine with great graphics

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    Development of web services starting from one-page websites up to highload e-commerce platforms, using flexible and reliable tools. Our developers with more than 10 years of experience will help you reach your goals in various ways. Vast experience helps us in creation of projects of different scale and budget.

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We develop solutions for a wide range of businesses

  • Services
  • Fitness & healthcare
  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Finances
  • IoT
  • Education
  • Enterprise
  • Real Estate
  • Charity
  • Games
  • Restaurant
  • Transport
  • Gambling

Why is it profitable to order development from us

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Lots of experience
Services are provided by professionals with over 10 years of experience in different fields. Our team houses more than 50 specially trained IT specialists
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Neverending development
We visit international forums and exhibits, always learning about trends in development. We like to exchange experience with others and work on increasing knowledge of our IT specialists
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New technologies
We use only the best technologies and apply ideas that passed our checkup. Wide variety of technologies help us in finding solution for any case
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Big database of clientele
Quality of our services allows us to provide free warranty for projects after finishing with development of it


Our advantage is the availability of in-house specialists at the Middle level and above to develop your project.


  • Technical Director
    • Control of strategic IT solutions
    • Management of project development
    • Analysis and selection of technologies and architecture, ensuring their integration and scalability
    • Ensuring compliance with quality and security standards
  • Project Manager
    • Interaction with clients
    • Project management and risk control
    • Ensuring project deadlines and budget compliance
    • Preparation of reporting documents
    • Team coordination and task distribution
  • Art Director
    • Development of the visual concept of the project
    • Control of the design creation process
    • Ensuring that all visual elements meet established quality standards and project requirements

Dev Department

  • Backend Developers
    • Working with databases, developing data processing logic and APIs to organize interaction between frontend and backend
  • Web Developers
    • Creating and maintaining websites and web applications
    • Working on the client-side to improve the user interface
    • Enhancing page load speed and overall system response time
  • Game Developers
    • Creating and maintaining video games for various platforms, such as PC, consoles, and mobile devices
  • iOS / Android Developers
    • Creating and maintaining mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms
  • Artists, UX/UI Designers
    • Developing the visual style and elements of the project, designing user experience and interfaces
  • Analysts / Game Designers
    • Data analysis to improve business performance, adapting project development strategy, and developing gameplay
    • Conceptualization, design, and development of game mechanics and player experience
  • DevOps Engineers
    • Working with container technology, container orchestration, managing environment configurations, setting up monitoring systems, and data backup
  • QA
    • Ensuring product quality and compliance with requirements and standards. Identifying bugs and defects
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How do you manage to provide services of such high quality, despite not being a niche-specific company?стрелка

The founders of our company include a manager, a game designer, and developers from key areas of the studio. They all have more than 6 years of experience in this field working for large enterprises and hold higher technical and economic education degrees

We build our company processes based on the lean manufacturing system, which allows us to create digital products optimally and without interruptions. All our specialists possess deep technical expertise in developing mobile applications, websites, and games, which gives us an advantage in understanding all stages of production and controlling the quality of our software.

Thanks to the experience of our specialists, which ranges from 6 to 15 years, and the predominantly unique software we develop, we can determine the most effective means to achieve our clients' goals. We also know the alternative solutions to typical tasks, which helps us save our clients' resources

How do you position yourselves in the market?стрелка

Depending on the client's needs, we can position ourselves as a boutique studio, as well as an outsourcing or outstaffing company. If the client requires a full project development cycle from concept to finished, published product and its subsequent support, we engage a broad team of specialists who handle all stages of development and help achieve the client's business goals.

We also offer outsourcing services, when the client already has a technical specification, prototype, and other pre-project documents, and our task is to implement these ideas.

Furthermore, for partner studios, we provide specialists on an outstaffing basis, which helps quickly supplement the team with the necessary professionals and significantly save time

By what principle do you determine the cost and timeline of a project? Do you offer a period of free support?стрелка

When preparing the estimate, we break down the project into specific tasks and calculate the time required to complete them. We determine the number of necessary specialists and their rates for implementing your project. In addition to the main tasks involved in the development, we also allocate basic activities such as debugging, testing, adaptive layout, communication, and project management, which take up the time of our specialists.

Basic activities are calculated individually for each project as a percentage of the main tasks. Once all the previously mentioned data is calculated, we take the average rate of a specialist from the overall list of required specialists and multiply it by the total number of all the calculated hours. Finally, we always factor in risks at a rate of 10–30% of the total project cost

Do you offer a period of free support?стрелка

Yes, of course. The contract price always includes project support for a period of 3 months to 1 year, depending on the type of project and the scope of work performed. Additionally, we can enter into a service agreement for project support, which will allow you to not worry about the stability of your service

Will I be able to observe the development process remotely?стрелка

Of course! Our clients get access to the project repository and developer chats. You will be able to see the task board and, thanks to our streamlined Task Flow system, track the progress and status of tasks. Since the design of the application and websites is done in Figma, you will have the opportunity to observe the editing process of the mockup files in real-time. Additionally, with test stands featuring application updates, you will be quickly informed about all the new features added to your product

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