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Mobile apps development

Mobile applications based on native technologies for any purpose with unique design and implementation of modern features and functions

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What we do?

What we do

We develop business solutions for iOS and Android using advanced technologies and native tools. It is very important for us to keep the whole development process under control, to remain flexible in implementing ideas and, as a result, to provide a high-quality product that meets all our client's requirements.

  • Mobile apps for iOS/Android

  • SDK

  • Unity Assets

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Why us?

Fruktorum company specializes in the development of software designed to quickly achieve its goals by automating the control and management of business using mobile platforms.
We perform a full range of work — from the implementation of the idea to expert support during the installation and use of the application.
For gamification
We make gaming mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. They may be games of any subject, genre and age categories, with integration of different monetization methods - from advertising to in-game subscriptions or in-game items purchase. Working together with you, we draft the concept, choose the optimal platform, and then realize the interface design and gameplay mechanics to get a perfect product at the end.
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For messaging
From chats and messengers to social networking applications, our studio is dedicated to launching diverse platforms for online communication. Depending on the needs of your organization, we offer simple or complex solutions with additional options, such as file sharing. They are ideal for communication between employees, with partners or with customers. We also develop solutions for public use.
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For product and service sales
Apps for retail business and commerce. If they are user-friendly, it will increase brand loyalty. We can handle any idea: online store catalogs in addition to a website, marketplaces and aggregators, cabs, courier services - anything that your business needs and helps it make more money.
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For content
Content programs allow you to create, distribute and view publications. It can be a platform for an online news publication with advanced functionality, a language school or a currency exchange rate.
They can also be monetized, for example, by placing ads from advertisers or offering users paid subscriptions. We also help to implement such tools.
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For business tasks
In addition to standard solutions, we can build a project with specific tools and functionality. Usually these are corporate services for internal use. For example, for automation of manufacturing processes, cargo delivery, security, supply control or other tasks.
Preparing such projects requires a lot of experience. We entrust them to team leaders and programmers of at least Middle level.
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How we work


Analysis of the idea and goals of the project being developed, studying the industry, audience, and competitors, developing a product development strategy, and documenting all the gathered information into specifications and project documents

Design and prototype building

Visualization of the idea in the shortest timeframe: elaboration of the application map, meticulous planning of user scenarios down to the smallest details, preparation of an application prototype that can be accessed on any device to preview and identify necessary changes in the application in advance


Development of architecture and coding using modern and proven technologies, based on agile design methodologies and the information gathered in the previous stages


Testing the software for bugs, as well as comparing the obtained results with agreed-upon graphic materials and documents during the development stage. This ensures that your project runs smoothly and does not cause any inconvenience to clients

Launch and support

Launching the developed and tested product on mobile platforms and remote servers, as well as providing support for the created project. This includes updating the code, handling exceptional situations during client application use, and ensuring the re-publication of updates

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The tasks we solve

  • AR, VR, Barcode, QR code and other object recognition

  • Media handling: Video, Audio, Camera, Photo, Pictures

  • Animation, adding gaming elements, various gestures

  • Social media and news feeds

  • Search and various data filters

  • Working with maps of various services

  • Encryption and digital signatures

  • VPN

  • iBeacon (Bluetooth with low power consumption)

  • Sharing

  • Administrative panels and external API

  • Various payment systems connection: GPay, Stripe, PayPal, Qiwi, payment by bank cards

  • Integration of third-party services and APIs

  • eCommerce and various monetization

  • Multilanguage and localization

  • Notifications and deep links

  • Android Wear, iWatch OS, iMessage

  • Frameworks

  • Social networking: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, VK, WeChat

  • Analytics and easy logging systems integration

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Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop
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Mobile Apps
C#, Unity
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Ruby on Rails, Python
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How much does it cost?

Mobile application development can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity of the software package. Each stage is worked on by highly qualified professionals who have to keep a lot of algorithms and code lines in their heads every day, keep their knowledge up-to-date, read tons of technical documentation, with the help of which they translate your ideas into reality.

To estimate the cost of mobile application development, send us an email and we will guide you on the required budget or offer you the realization of your project based on the available budget.

Technology Stack

  • Swift
  • XCode
  • Kotlin
  • Android Studio
  • SmartGit
  • Fork
  • SourceTree
  • GitLab
  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch

Calculate the cost of your application development

Find out the cost of creating an application by answering a few simple questions! Before ordering the service, choose the desired functionality and set of options in the calculator. By changing these settings, you will understand what the final price of the application depends on.

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Preliminary cost of your app:


Cost of work

from $30 000
Development time — 2 months
8+ screens
2 operating systems support
Unique design
Showing data from database
Feedback form
Navigation depth up to 3 screens
Admin panel
from $50 000
Development time — 4 months
13+ screens
Minimum functionality
User account
Third party services connection
Payment system integration
Data upload forms
from $100 000
Development time — 5 months
15+ screens
Minimum & Medium functionality
Settings screen
Data search in the app
Customization of native solutions
from $30 000
Development time — 2 months
8+ screens
2 operating systems support
Unique design
Showing data from database
Feedback form
Navigation depth up to 3 screens
Admin panel

Our advantages

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Qualified Specialists
In our team, we have programmers, testers, designers, and managers with over 10 years of experience - they can develop and launch even the most complex project
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Modern Working Methods
We combine classical, time-tested tools with cutting-edge technologies that have proven their effectiveness to create a modern product
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Regular Skill Enhancement
We strive to stay on-trend. Our employees regularly attend IT courses, conferences, and forums to learn something new and exchange experiences with colleagues
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Free 3-Month Technical Support
Before the launch, we thoroughly test the application. But if you or your users encounter any errors in the code or layout, we will promptly and freely rectify them

Our guarantees

We don't want to bear reputational risks, so we strive to earn the clients' trust, that is why we offer guarantees for our application development.

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We hand over a complete package of documents

To fix and show you the terms and methods of work on your project, we will prepare and send:

  • Terms of Reference, in which we describe the objectives of the work and requirements in a language understandable to the customer
  • Prototype, in which we show the structure and functionality of the future service
  • Functional requirements, in which we explain how the application will work and what we expect from the developers
  • Implementation schedule, in which we describe what, how and when it should be done
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Meet with clients in person

Is it more convenient for you to cooperate online? Wonderful - we have a website to accept applications, corporate email and contacts to call. Prefer face-to-face bids? No problem: visit one of our offices. We work in Moscow, Krasnodar, Brest and Budapest and are ready to individually arrange meetings in other cities.

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More than 50 programmers on a full time basis

We have assembled a relatively small but professional team that knows how to work in a coordinated manner - and that's half of success:

  • We practice collective discussions and brainstorming sessions to find new ideas
  • Many employees have been with us since the first days of the company's foundation - their reliability has been tested over the years
  • Some specialists have been working in their field for more than 10 years
  • We are developing in many different ways. We work on mobile applications and website design, and in our spare time we do research - we study the potential of AI, cryptography and other trendy areas in IT
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We hold on to every customer

IT is one of the fastest growing fields, and also one of the most competitive. Any group of developers has to fight for its place under the sun.

Stable demand for services is the key to our development. Let's be honest: we work because we get paid, and low-quality service does not help to retain our client base. That is why we perform our duties in a way that leaves each customer with only positive impressions of cooperation.

Going mobile

Effective solutions for businesses and consumers

  • More than 85% of the world's population has used a smartphone or other mobile device to access the Internet in the last 12 months. This gives businesses unlimited opportunities: by launching a customized store catalog or service in addition to a website, you can reach a much larger audience

  • Mobile applications can be embedded with advertising and user scripts that will prompt the consumer to take the desired action. They open up new channels for generating revenue and, most importantly, help to withstand the fierce competition in the market. After all, every second person has already applied or plans to apply for development of their platform

  • From the customer's point of view, it is a convenient, functional and at any time available method of accessing the product, service and support they need. It gives him ready-made solutions for viewing entertainment content, shopping, socializing and even employment. And the more convenient and high-quality the platform is, the more people will be willing to interact with it

  • Everyone needs to launch new, unique applications. Businesses unlock their potential and start earning, and customers can quickly and conveniently meet various daily needs

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Key Features

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Working with all mobile OS
We can develop applications for any operating system, enabling convenient access from all modern gadgets
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Robust security systems
We ensure secure access to information with modern solutions for protecting user and corporate data
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Implementation of any features
The application can include functions to control third-party services and equipment. Our developed programs can integrate with user gadgets, such as watches, smart home systems, and other everyday devices
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Comprehensive approach
All stages are performed by our in-house IT specialists. We provide full support and collaborate with the client at every step

Our Clients


A recipe for a successful project from a master developer with 10 years of experience

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We have one secret, thanks to which we don't waste our clients' time and always accomplish the task at hand: thorough information collecting before the start.

We start working on applications by writing a Terms of Reference to find a common language between the developers and the customer. For the TOR, we need to know how you see the future platform. We take into account the functions it will have to carry out. We decide whether and how it will generate profit to come up with a monetization method.

Then specialists prepare the first prototype, think through the interface design, architecture and logic of the application. We coordinate the result of each stage with the customer. You can follow the updates in repositories and developer chats.

This way we don't get confused and move consistently from one task to another. The result is a scalable application released according to the budget and in the expected time. The terms of the contract are met, and the customer is satisfied. We have already tested this tactic in previous projects and it turned out to be more effective than others.

speaker imageMaria Selemeneva
Head of Mobile Development Department
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What makes native development better than cross-platform development?стрелка

Cross-platform application development is cheaper and faster. But if you need to add non-trivial, more complex functionality to your project, scale and apply native frameworks, the typical for cross-platform solutions limitation in terms of available functionality becomes a problem. They lack support from operating systems. Besides, the community of native application specialists is much larger, and it is easier to find a good performer for your order

What are the steps in the process of creating an application?стрелка

On the way to launching a project, developers have to work on two parts of it - the client part, which is seen and interacted with by the user, and the server part, which is responsible for data and computational processes. To approach things in a systematized way, we start with analytics, terms of reference, and defining functional requirements. Then we prepare and approve the first prototype, design, layout, develop, test and launch

What do the prices for your services depend on?стрелка

To calculate the cost of the future platform, we take into account the complexity of the service, the number and depth of screens. The complexity of the design and the expected load on the server part are also affected. Additional services can be connected to the platform - payment systems, CRM, chats or booking engines - and this costs more. It also costs more to finalize applications created by other developers. This reason is that our developers have to fully study other people's code and get into its mechanics - this is the only way to make the necessary changes

Who works on a project?стрелка

To make a good product, a team needs at least two mobile developers (iOS and/or Android), a back-end specialist, a designer, a tester, a technical analyst and a manager

Will I be able to supervise the work remotely?стрелка

Of course! Our clients get access to the project repository and developer chats. You will see the task board and the process of editing a file in Figma. And thanks to testbeds with application updates you will be able to quickly hear about innovations

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