Creation of web services of any
complexity using modern and proven tools

+ cost
from $1300

Quality assurance, achievement of the client's goals and, most importantly, positive feedback from users of the finished product are very important for us.

Web development

What we do

We develop individual and unique solutions, maintaining a balance between ease of use and strict technical requirements in the architecture of the created product. Microservice development allows us to achieve easy scaling and support of a ready made service. The use of testing methodologies guarantees high quality and stable operation of the finished product, and also automates the preparation of documentation for integrating the developed services with other application modules. Special attention is paid to the visual presentation for fast and high quality work of the web application in any browser and at any Internet speed.

  • Landing pages

  • Web platforms

  • Web interfaces for desktop applications

How we work


At this stage, we analyze the idea and goals of the desired project, study the industry, audience and competitors, think over a product development strategy, display all the collected information in the form of specifications and project documents.

Prototyping, search for style and design

This stage allows you to check the appearance of the website:

  • Several logo options are created
  • The designer assembles an interactive prototype to agree on the sitemap with the client
  • A video with animations is being prepared
  • It is determined which part of the site will be static and which will be dynamic and will need to be regulated by the server side
  • Agreeing on lenght of texts on each website page to keep in mind future changes of design


Website development takes 70% of the entire project creation process. The complexity and duration of this stage is not always visible to clients this why we use task trackers and version control systems to show reports of the work done. The algorithms and technologies we use allow us to quickly and efficiently cope with the tasks set in the first two stages.

Testing & debugging

Development is carried out after each development stage. Verification with graphic materials, technical documents is made and then the errors are fixed.

Launch & Support

After the development is completed and all problems are solved, the site is hosted on the client's remote server, a demonstration of the finished functionality is carried out to the client and/or his employees. Over the next three months we provide free software support – monitoring the server's operation, eliminating deviations from the agreed technical specification in the work of the website or the administrative panel, updating third party services connected to the site, consulting on the operation of the software.


Tasks that we solve

  • Streaming services for broadcasting video and audio

  • Services for video conferencing

  • Chats with the ability to send text messages and files

  • Responsive layout for different browsers and mobile devices

  • Localization

  • Adding analytical services

  • 2D / 3D animations

  • Payment (billing) systems

  • Admin panel

  • Authorization through third-party services Google, Facebook, Twitter, Steam, etc.

  • Two-factor authorization, SMS authorization

  • System for combining accounts from different services

  • Working with Google / Yandex Maps

  • Development of online stores

  • Statistical and analytical services

  • Web services based on Facebook API

  • Landing page

  • Implementation of the desktop version of the website for PC on Electron

  • CI / CD setup

  • Configuring remote servers for each stage of development

  • Encryption

  • Configuring SSL certificates for HTTPS

How much does it cost?

The cost of websites (web services) can range from $1300 to millions of dollars. This is due to the unlimited possibilities in the implementation of this type of software. Our team of specialists provides high quality development both for one-page sites with static information, and for developing platforms with a lot of logic on the client and server side, ensuring smooth interaction between millions of users.

To estimate the cost of developing your website, send us an email and we will help coordinate you on the required budget or offer you the implementation of your project based on the available budget.

Technology stack

  • VueJS
  • SASS
  • RubyOnRails
  • Crystal
  • PHP
  • Docker
  • GIT
  • Fork
  • SourceTree
  • GitLab
  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch