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Professional Web development services

Development of web services of various budgets and scale using modern, efficient, and reliable tools

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What we do?

What we do

At Fruktorum, we specialize in creating custom and innovative solutions that strike the perfect balance between user-friendliness and a well-structured architecture. Our microservice-based development approach ensures easy scalability and seamless integration with existing services. Rigorous testing methodologies are employed to ensure top-notch quality and solid functionality of the final product. Additionally, we automate documentation compilation to facilitate smooth integration of our services with other modules of the application. We pay special attention to visual representation, ensuring optimal performance and user experience across all browsers and connection speeds.

  • Landing pages

  • Web platforms

  • Web interfaces of desktop apps

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Why us?

Fruktorum professionals are ready to promptly develop web services to reach required goals and tasks.
With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, we have a deep understanding of processes, ensuring reliability and delivering expected results.
One-page websites
A popular method for advertising and promoting specific products and services. These are simple solutions without additional pages.
An important aspect is the sequential presentation of concise information and ease of implementation to motivate users to take specific actions, such as making a purchase.
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Personal websites
They are also known as "business cards". They can be dedicated to an individual, a company, a specific enterprise, or a brand.
Typically, personal websites provide detailed descriptions of the subject or object being promoted. They include contact information, ways to get in touch, information about capabilities, services, and offerings.
The complexity of development depends on the initial goals and project budget.
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E-commerce websites
This category includes websites designed to sell specific products or services online. Their functionality allows users to find the desired products online, choose delivery options, and make payments for orders.
One of the key aspects of development is creating a reliable payment system and data protection, including user (buyer) information.
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Service portals
This category includes resources that are developed to provide users with access to specific services, features, or options.
For example, portals for ticket purchases, finding performers or clients, providing servers, access to online programs for web specialists, programmers, and others.
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Specific web platforms
These resources are created to address specific tasks. They may involve remote interaction with equipment, information exchange between users, data control and specification, and more.
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Corporate and brand based
Their distinctive feature lies in implementing exclusive design and functional concepts without any limitations.
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How we work


Analyzing the idea and goals of the project, researching the industry, target audience, and competitors, developing a product development strategy, documenting all gathered information in specifications and project documents

Prototyping and Design

Visual demonstration of the website's appearance:

  • Creating multiple logo variations
  • Building an interactive prototype for site map approval
  • Preparing a video with animations
  • Distinguishing between static and backend-managed information on the site
  • Coordinating text length on each page to account for future design changes

Preparing architecture and writing code, storing and managing the project using version control and task trackers to showcase progress

Testing and Debugging

Conducting testing and debugging after each project iteration, verifying alignment with graphic materials and technical documents, addressing identified errors

Launch and Support

Deploying the website on the client's remote server, demonstrating the final functionality to the client or their team, providing three months of free software support, including server monitoring, resolving discrepancies from the agreed-upon specifications in the website or admin panel, updating third-party services connected to the website, and offering consultations on software usage

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The tasks we solve

  • Video and audio streaming services

  • Video conferencing

  • Chats with the ability to send texts, images, videos and files

  • Adaptive layouts for different browsers and mobile screens

  • Localization integration

  • Integration of analytics

  • 2D/3D animations

  • Encryption

  • SSL certificates setup for HTTPS

  • Payment (billing) systems

  • Admin panel

  • Authorization via third party services like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Steam and other

  • Two-factor authentication, SMS authorization

  • Merging accounts of different services

  • Google/Yandex and other maps integration

  • E-commerce development

  • Statistical and analytical services

  • Web services based on Facebook API

  • Landing pages

  • Development of desktop version for PC of website using Electron

  • CI/CD configuration

  • Remote server configuration for each stage of development

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Figma, Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator
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Vue.js, Nuxt.js, HTML5, CSS, Pug, SASS
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Ruby On Rails, Python
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How much does it cost?

The cost of websites (web services) can vary from tens of thousands to several millions of dollars. This variation is due to the limitless possibilities in implementing this type of software. Our team of specialists provides high-quality development for both single-page websites with static information and complex platforms with extensive logic on the client and server sides, ensuring seamless interaction among millions of users.

To estimate the cost of developing your website, send us a message, and we will help you get an idea of the required budget or propose a project implementation based on your available resources.

Technology Stack

  • VueJS
  • SASS
  • RubyOnRails
  • Crystal
  • PHP
  • Docker
  • GIT
  • Fork
  • SourceTree
  • GitLab
  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch

Cost of work

from $17 000
Development time — 2 months
8+ pages
Unique design
Server setup and deploy
Adaptation for all resolutions
Navigation between website sections
Feedback section
Maps integration
Admin panel to control website
from $50 000
Development time — 4 months
13+ pages
Minimum functionality - included
Prototype and functional requirements creation
Basic animations on website
Sign up
User account
Data control from backend
Payment integration
from $100 000
Development time — 5 months +
30+ pages
Minimum and Medium functionalities included
Custom animations on website
Functionality for b2c or b2b
Interface for file upload
Data search on website
News feed
from $17 000
Development time — 2 months
8+ pages
Unique design
Server setup and deploy
Adaptation for all resolutions
Navigation between website sections
Feedback section
Maps integration
Admin panel to control website

Our advantages

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Vast Experience
Our team comprises over 40 qualified IT specialists, each with more than 10 years of expertise in their respective areas
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Continuous Development
We actively participate in international forums and presentations, constantly studying industry trends and advancements. Regularly exchanging experiences and investing in the skills of our IT employees, we stay at the forefront of innovation
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New Technologies
We adopt only the finest and proven technologies and ideas. Our extensive repertoire enables us to uncover the best solutions for any task at hand
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Extensive Customer Base
Our quality code has earned us a large and satisfied customer base. We proudly offer free warranty support for your project after completion, ensuring your satisfaction
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Reliability Guarantee

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Your application - exclusively yours. The customer is the owner of the exclusive rights to the developed product and all related materials
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Access to the Process
We guarantee complete transparency in our work - you will have full visibility into the entire development process from the inside. You will stay informed about every step of creating the product and understand the realistic timelines for its completion
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Free Technical Support
We offer 3 months of technical support. In the event of any errors or omissions on the part of development or design, we will promptly fix everything at no additional cost to you
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Price Consistency
The cost of the project will remain unchanged throughout the development process. It is determined based on the initial technical specifications, which are signed before the commencement of the project

Key Features

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Design Creation
We develop the concept from scratch or according to sketches, illustrative example, preferences. We provide professional recommendations based on specific goals.
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Functional Development
We implement opportunities and options of any complexity using the latest tools and resources for product development.
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Content Filling
Our company implements the projects completely, offering a ready-to-use product upon completion. This allows you to get to work as quickly as possible.
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Support and Administration
We monitor the work of the resource, offer services of administration and control over the work. Technical assistance is provided free of charge for three months.

Our Clients