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Computer, mobile and online game development

Professional game development of any genre. Full cycle creation including tech support and administration

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I create games like a chef trying to invent a new recipe with new ingredients, new cooking style and new texture. Traveling around the world, I'm always looking for something new, different ways of working. Then I conduct various experiments, making adjustments based on the effectiveness of the chosen ingredients.

Hideo KojiHideo Kojima, head of Kojima Productions, developer of the Metal Gear series of games
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Why us?

Fruktorum specializes in the development of computer, mobile and browser (online) games.
We offer a full cycle of work, starting with the creation of ideas and ending with the release and further administration, including not only technical support, but also periodic updates of product versions.
This includes games with the simplest mechanics, which makes them the most popular among a wide audience, covering preschoolers and even people of retirement age.
Graphics of these games can vary a lot: from simple 2D and up to colorful 3D animation with maximum detailing of elements.
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They are not puzzles, but games with special mechanics, designed to fulfill complex missions in the process of playing.
Unlike casual games, these games attract fewer users, but form a loyal user base.
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These are games designed for a single player and do not require a network connection to access the game features. Such games are mostly paid to be downloaded, or have integrated paid content.
Genres of single-player games can be completely different. The graphics and storyline play an important role in them.
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This group includes online games designed for interaction between two or more users from different devices. Unlike single-player games, this type of games requires a network connection to access the gameplay.
The essence of multiplayer games is most often a competition between players. A perfect example of such games is a shooter or a racing game.
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Open world
This group is represented by games for PCs and Consoles with developed gameplay and many story endings.
What makes such games especially popular among a wide audience is their ability to explore the virtual world, follow the storyline or achieve goals. These are big games with big budgets not fit for pocket PCs.
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What kind of games we make

  • Multiplayer arcade games

  • Games with 3D graphics

  • Porting games from PC to XBox

  • Runners and platformers

  • Casuals, hypercasuals and puzzle games

  • Adventure games

  • VR / AR

  • Platforms for teaching children in game format

  • Game prototypes

  • Slots and card games

  • Sports simulators

  • Action games

  • Economic strategies

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How we work


Preparatory stage:

  • building a level map
  • working out the monetization scheme
  • estimation of the volume of graphic work - coordination of the scene, characters, models, animations, user interface
  • drafting the terms of reference based on the data obtained
  • dividing the project into stages to establish the terms of realization
  • execution of project documents on the basis of the collected information
Styling and prototype preparation

Developing the art style of the game and preparing a scene or level, using primitive figures or test art, to display basic features and gameplay. Adding basic UI features, to organize navigation and in-game elements


Prototyping, MVP and full-scale project development. The main tasks that have to be solved at this stage are creating the architecture of the game, establishing common rules and patterns for the whole team, selecting the necessary assemblies, developing auxiliary tools to speed up the work of the team, writing code, integrating graphics, animations, setting up lights, cameras, analytics and optimizing the project. For games that require networking, we prepare the server side and develop the network interface on the game side


Drawing of all elements agreed upon at the planning stage: scenes, characters, inventory icons, animations, user interface. In the case of 3D games modelers prepare models, apply textures drawn by technical artists, then animators put them in motion. In some cases, licensed off-the-shelf graphics solutions are used

Gathering levels

For projects implying level-based game play developers create a level editor and one level to exemplify its use, building of levels and map previously agreed upon gameplay by a level designer or game designer

Sounds and Audio

Transfer of the game to the composer for musical composition, according to the style of the game. With the approval of the composer, the prepared soundtracks and sounds are passed to the developers and integrated into the project. In some cases, licensed off-the-shelf solutions are used

Testing and debugging

Game testing by testers, game designers, developers and project managers, due to the versatility of this kind of projects. Debugging work is also done by developers and game designers to fix technical issues and to achieve an interesting game play

Soft launch, launch and support

One-time publication of the project or different stages of launch, for preliminary analysis and data collection, user interface evaluation and additional load testing. Assistance in filling the game page with data and placing the project in the marketplace. Technical support and maintenance of the project after its publication

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The tasks we solve

  • Scripting

  • Thinking through gameplay, creating and combining game mechanics

  • Calculating game balance

  • Composing music and sound effects

  • Graphic style development

  • Working with 2D Pixel Art

  • 3D sculpting, topology, texturing, retopology, animation

  • Writing shaders

  • Creating built-in tools and custom editors

  • Integrating built-in shopping, advertising, payment systems

  • Setting up color correction and light correction

  • 2D and 3D animation

  • Implementation of multiplayer mechanics (PvP, PvE, co-op): Sockets, Bolt, Photon (PUN, Quantum)

  • Artificial intelligence of different complexity

  • Working with physics

  • Game optimization

  • Push notifications in game

  • Connecting and configuring Game Center and Google Play Game

  • Implementation of voice and text chats (Native Sockets, Vivox)

  • Native plugins development

  • Writing Unit Tests

  • Porting to Xbox and other consoles

  • Publishing to AppStore, GooglePlay, Steam, EpicGame Store, etc.

  • Developing AR/VR scenes for Oculus

  • Development of large projects under WebGL

  • Working with CinemaMachine

  • Customizing sounds and music in FMode

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Figma, Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator
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Unity, C#
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Ruby On Rails, Python
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How much does it cost?

Gaming is one of the most complex types of software, due to the large number of parts that are managed by technical and creative professionals. The cost of a project can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, but such projects are usually created when the investor is 100% convinced that the game will pay off. However, the game's return on investment is poorly predictable, so most often the the cost of a game is divided into a budget for an MVP ($20k-$100k) and a full-scale project (>$60k).

To estimate the cost of game development, send us an email and we will guide you on the required budget or offer you the realization of your project based on the available budget.

Technology Stack

  • C#
  • Unity
  • Rider
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Unity Collaborate
  • Plastik
  • Fork
  • SourceTree
  • GitLab
  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Blender
  • 3ds Max
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Xcode
  • Android Studio
  • Docker
  • TeamCity
  • Jenkins
from $20 000
Development time — 1 month
Graphic interface creation
Technical documentation
Game mechanics development
Analytics integration
Ad monetization integration
Upload to appstores
3 months free warranty
from $40 000
Development time — 3 months
Minimum functionality
Style research
Ingame network
Game balancing
Level design
In-app purchases
from $60 000
Development time — 4 months
Minimum and Medium functionalities
Lighting and materials setup
2d and 3d animations
Special effects (fx) creation
Lore and game design
Storyline texts for game
from $20 000
Development time — 1 month
Graphic interface creation
Technical documentation
Game mechanics development
Analytics integration
Ad monetization integration
Upload to appstores
3 months free warranty

Our advantages

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Vast Experience
Our team comprises over 40 qualified IT specialists, each with more than 10 years of expertise in their respective areas
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Continuous Development
We actively participate in international forums and presentations, constantly studying industry trends and advancements. Regularly exchanging experiences and investing in the skills of our IT employees, we stay at the forefront of innovation
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New Technologies
We adopt only the finest and proven technologies and ideas. Our extensive repertoire enables us to uncover the best solutions for any task at hand
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Extensive Customer Base
Our quality code has earned us a large and satisfied customer base. We proudly offer free warranty support for your project after completion, ensuring your satisfaction
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Reliability Guarantee

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Your application - exclusively yours. The customer is the owner of the exclusive rights to the developed product and all related materials
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Access to the Process
We guarantee complete transparency in our work - you will have full visibility into the entire development process from the inside. You will stay informed about every step of creating the product and understand the realistic timelines for its completion
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Free Technical Support
We offer 3 months of technical support. In the event of any errors or omissions on the part of development or design, we will promptly fix everything at no additional cost to you
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Price Consistency
The cost of the project will remain unchanged throughout the development process. It is determined based on the initial technical specifications, which are signed before the commencement of the project

Key Features

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Plot Development
Thoroughly developing the storyline and gaming universe, creating characters and various elements for computer, mobile, or browser games of all genres.
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Design Concept Creation
Devising and illustrating a unique concept, tailored to fit the world's storyline, and implementing the project using cutting-edge technologies
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Implementation of Diverse Functionality
Enabling the creation of computer, mobile, or online games in any genre, utilizing the latest tools and resources for project development
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Modernization and Development Strategy
Devising a content delivery strategy aimed not only at attracting new audiences but also at retaining the interest of the existing active user base

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