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Computer, mobile and online game development

Professional game development of any genre. Full cycle creation including tech support and administration

Our team develops custom games. We have been working in the IT niche for more than 7 years and during this time we have completed a large number of various projects, including those related to mobile and computer games, and gain new professional experience, which today allows us to create a high-quality product in accordance with the technical specifications.

Based on your concept and idea of the future game, we develop a fascinating plot, write a detailed plot and create a design of the game world. The result of the team's work is coordinated with the customer at each stage of development so that the finished product surely meets your expectations.

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I create games like a chef trying to invent a new recipe with new ingredients, new cooking style and new texture. Traveling around the world, I'm always looking for something new, different ways of working. Then I conduct various experiments, making adjustments based on the effectiveness of the chosen ingredients.

Hideo Kojima, head of Kojima Productions, developer of the Metal Gear series of games
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We provide end-to-end game development services.

Casual games are characterized by simple rules. Usually they are aimed at a fairly wide audience of different gender and age, and do not require special skills and time to master. Games of this type can be developed for both mobile and desktop devices. Monetization in such games is commonly achieved through advertising or in-game purchases, which may include premium accounts, additional lives, useful in-game items, in-game currency, and more.
Prominent examples within this category include various variations of 3-in-a-row, Tetris, crosswords, Sudoku, finding hidden objects, managing hotels and restaurants, and others featuring simple and repetitive gameplay.
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This category is dedicated to games with intricate mechanics and a deeper, often linear plot. Due to their specificity and complexity, projects of this nature typically require more development time compared to casual games.
Such games can integrate the main story and additional quests, which are nevertheless mandatory to complete and further progress in the game world. This makes them more interesting for the player, but increases the time to master the rules and mechanics.
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A single-player game is designed for independent play, focusing solely on one player. The common thread among projects in this category is individual gameplay, while the diversity is vast, ranging from casual to complex experiences. Accordingly, the development time varies based on the client's specifications.
The genre spectrum within this group is incredibly broad, encompassing shooters, various simulators, quests, strategies, and more. When crafting such a game, we have the flexibility to bring any design and story ideas to life, incorporating different mechanics, levels, and difficulty settings as per the client's preferences. Monetization methods, including paid access and in-game stores, can also be customized upon request.
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In a multiplayer game, numerous players engage in gameplay simultaneously. Often referred to as MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games), these games require an Internet connection for user access.
A notable subgenre within this category is MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), known for its fantasy or fantastical plots, intricate mechanics, and a diverse array of characters and quests. Well-known examples include World of Warcraft, Lineage, or Final Fantasy.
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Open world
The development of open-world games is the most intricate and resource-consuming due to the unique characteristics of this category. In contrast to projects with a linear plot, open-world games offer players significantly more freedom of action and movement, although technical limitations still exist. Users can undertake quests at their discretion, engage in character development through reality simulation, and explore the expansive game map. Consequently, when creating such a game, developers must meticulously plan the scenario and account for a vast array of user interactions.
Open-world games can take the form of multiplayer experiences, as seen in Grand Theft Auto, or single-player adventures, exemplified by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In our studio, you have the flexibility to order any project within this captivating category.
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What kind of games we make

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  • Multiplayer arcade games

  • Games with 3D graphics

  • Porting games from PC to XBox

  • Runners and platformers

  • Casuals, hypercasuals and puzzle games

  • Adventure games

  • VR / AR

  • Platforms for teaching children in game format

  • Game prototypes

  • Slots and card games

  • Sports simulators

  • Action games

  • Economic strategies

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How we work

Consulting and planning

Initially, we engage in detailed discussions with you about the prospective game development. Subsequently, armed with the gathered information, we transition to the preparatory stage. In the initial phases, everything is conceptualized on paper: we outline the storyline and level map, identify monetization schemes, strategize the user interface, envision game scenes and characters, and compile technical specifications.

Simultaneously, we establish the timeline for game creation and formulate design documents to guide the development process.


During this phase of new game development, we conceptualize a distinctive style for rendering all scenes and characters. Test models are crafted to provide an initial glimpse of the primitive visualization in action, allowing for experimentation with gameplay mechanics. Simultaneously, we commence the development of the user interface.


Full-fledged development constitutes the longest and most challenging stage. We initiate this phase by crafting the game architecture and establishing consistent in-game rules and laws. Over time, the game starts to materialize: depending on its type, genre, and complexity, the creation of a fully realized product can span several years.

Throughout the development process, assemblies are chosen, and code is meticulously written. The game undergoes various testing stages, progressing from the prototype and minimum viable product phases to alpha and beta testing.


This stage is an integral part of the development process. Artists and designers collaborate on the graphical elements, creating everything the player will see on the screen: characters, their costumes, landscapes, weapons, and every small object, down to the pebbles, if they play a role in the gameplay. Additionally, animations are meticulously crafted to bring the visuals to life.

Collecting levels

During this stage of developing a game with multiple levels, the level designer constructs the level structure in alignment with the technical documentation. A visual test prototype of the level is then crafted to showcase the operational principles in action.

Putting on the sound

Sound plays a crucial role in gameplay, with even casual games incorporating background music. In the case of complex narrative games featuring character dialogues, sound becomes even more pivotal.

Upon the customer's request, we can delegate the task to a composer who will craft a unique accompaniment tailored to your game. Alternatively, in different scenarios, we may utilize pre-existing licensed solutions.


The development of any game necessitates testing, a crucial step to ensure a flawless product upon final release. The game undergoes evaluation for bugs and overall performance at various stages of development.

Testing throughout the game's development is conducted by a dedicated specialist, known as a tester. The tester compiles a detailed report, which is then relayed to developers and game designers for the elimination of detected bugs.


When the game development comes to an end and the team is sure that all potential bugs have been found and eliminated, it is time for the final release. The game is ready to appear in stores and our team is ready to provide technical support.

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The tasks we solve

  • Scripting

  • Thinking through gameplay, creating and combining game mechanics

  • Calculating game balance

  • Composing music and sound effects

  • Graphic style development

  • Working with 2D Pixel Art

  • 3D sculpting, topology, texturing, retopology, animation

  • Writing shaders

  • Creating built-in tools and custom editors

  • Integrating built-in shopping, advertising, payment systems

  • Setting up color correction and light correction

  • 2D and 3D animation

  • Implementation of multiplayer mechanics (PvP, PvE, co-op): Sockets, Bolt, Photon (PUN, Quantum)

  • Artificial intelligence of different complexity

  • Working with physics

  • Game optimization

  • Push notifications in game

  • Connecting and configuring Game Center and Google Play Game

  • Implementation of voice and text chats (Native Sockets, Vivox)

  • Native plugins development

  • Writing Unit Tests

  • Porting to Xbox and other consoles

  • Publishing to AppStore, GooglePlay, Steam, EpicGame Store, etc.

  • Developing AR/VR scenes for Oculus

  • Development of large projects under WebGL

  • Working with CinemaMachine

  • Customizing sounds and music in FMode

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Figma, Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator
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Unity, C#
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Ruby On Rails, Python
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How much does it cost?

Gaming is one of the most complex types of software, due to the large number of parts that are managed by technical and creative professionals. The cost of a project can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, but such projects are usually created when the investor is 100% convinced that the game will pay off. However, the game's return on investment is poorly predictable, so most often the the cost of a game is divided into a budget for an MVP ($20k-$100k) and a full-scale project (>$60k).

To estimate the cost of game development, send us an email and we will guide you on the required budget or offer you the realization of your project based on the available budget.

Technology Stack

  • C#
  • Photoshop
  • Unity
  • Sketch
  • Rider
  • Blender
  • Visual Studio Code
  • 3ds Max
  • Unity Collaborate
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Plastik
  • Xcode
  • SmartGit
  • Android Studio
  • Fork
  • Docker
  • SorceTree
  • TeamCity
  • GitLab
  • Jenkins
  • Figma

Cost of work

from $20 000
Development time — 1 month
Graphic interface creation
Technical documentation
Game mechanics development
Analytics integration
Ad monetization integration
Upload to appstores
3 months free warranty
from $40 000
Development time — 3 months
Minimum functionality
Style research
Ingame network
Game balancing
Level design
In-app purchases
from $60 000
Development time — 4 months
Minimum and Medium functionalities
Lighting and materials setup
2d and 3d animations
Special effects (fx) creation
Lore and game design
Storyline texts for game
from $20 000
Development time — 1 month
Graphic interface creation
Technical documentation
Game mechanics development
Analytics integration
Ad monetization integration
Upload to appstores
3 months free warranty

Our advantages

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Game development of all types
2D, 3D, platformers, linear plots and open worlds — in the Fructorum studio you can order a project of any type and be sure that our developers will cope with the task.
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High-quality support
We diligently test the game before release and eliminate all errors. But if something suddenly goes wrong after the release, our support team is always in touch.
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Transparency of development
We work according to the terms specified in the contract and guarantee full accounting. No downtime during the project implementation process.
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Professional team
No slapdash development. Our studio has a team of specialists, each of whom takes a responsible approach to solving their task, whether it's writing code or drawing characters.

Specialist's speech

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The development of any game, be it a simple snake game or a complex MMORPG, demands a specific level of professionalism and experience from the development team in that particular niche.

Beyond fundamental specialized skills, meticulous attention to detail, the seamless collaboration of programmers, designers, artists, and animators, along with high-quality post-production, are essential prerequisites for launching a successful product. This ensures that users not only enjoy the game but also contribute to effective monetization.

speaker imageVladislav Selemenev
Lead of Game Development Department

Our Clients

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How much does it cost to create a game?стрелка

Determining the cost of game development is not straightforward for developers. The minimum development price in our studio starts at 1,000,000 rubles and can vary based on the project's complexity. You can request an estimate on our website.

What monetization methods can be integrated into the game?стрелка

Depending on its characteristics and type (online/offline), monetization can include ad placement, in-game item purchases, paid access to the game, and other strategies.

How long does the development process take?стрелка

Typically, it takes several months to develop even a moderately complex project. Crafting a quality game involves meticulous attention to detail and multiple testing phases, which necessitates time.

If I order a game, who will own the rights after development and release?стрелка

After the development and release of the game, all copyrights remain with our client. You have complete discretion over the project.

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