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Fitness App Development

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted people's perspectives on their health, making many realize that it is their number one priority and deserving of special daily attention. For those accustomed to visiting gyms and fitness centers, the closure of such establishments during the pandemic caused significant discomfort, prompting individuals to seek alternative ways to stay fit

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Thanks to the advancement of technologies that simplify and enhance the exercise experience, fitness apps have surged in popularity, emerging as one of the most favored solutions. Nevertheless, developing such software is a complex process that demands specific knowledge and experience

Therefore, if you are considering creating your own mobile fitness app, it is advisable to consult with the professionals at Fruktorum. They possess the expertise and know-how to guide you through the intricate process of fitness app development

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Why are Such Programs Popular?

Fitness applications have become indispensable aids for individuals aspiring to lead a healthy lifestyle. The advantages of such software make it highly attractive to users and unlock additional opportunities for both owners and users
You can develop a program for any business tasks and clients, including food service, providing innovative solutions for managing a restaurant or cafe
These applications facilitate exercising at any convenient time and location, providing flexibility for users who may be unable to train with an instructor for various reasons
Variety of Workouts
Fitness apps grant access to a diverse array of workouts, catering to everyone from beginners seeking simple exercises to experienced athletes following complex training programs
They assist users in tracking their progress, serving as a source of motivation for maintaining consistent exercise routines, adhering to diets, or following specific regimens
Reputation Enhancement
In the sports industry, these applications help business owners improve customer interaction and foster increased customer loyalty. They contribute to enhancing the reputation of businesses within the sports segment
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Some useful statistics

Today, the market for fitness apps is experiencing rapid development, driven by the recognition of the growing trend towards a healthy lifestyle and the widespread availability of smartphones. Companies are increasingly realizing the profitability of this software niche and are actively contributing to the swift expansion of the market

  • 100 billion USD is the projected valuation of the fitness application market niche according to Polaris Market Research
  • 200 billion USD is the expected growth in the total valuation of the fitness software market in the near future
  • 20% is the annual growth rate of the fitness software market
  • 5% is the projected growth in mobile software revenue

Now is the time to order your own sports utility!

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What kind of app should I order?

Our fitness app development extends beyond a mere exercise program for different muscle groups. We offer diverse workout applications tailored to specific directions such as yoga, stretching, strength training, or cardio. Additionally, we can develop specialized programs for exercise reminders and progress monitoring, aiding individuals in achieving their desired fitness goals

Our specialists are adept at creating comprehensive fitness training software, featuring full training courses or focusing on specific objectives. Whether it's a utility for crafting a nutrition plan, managing daily routines, or personal training exercises, we cater to a variety of needs. In the capable hands of fitness club and gym managers, our software transforms into a powerful tool for analytics, control, and engagement with their audience. Club owners can leverage the application as an additional marketing platform to showcase new services, directions, and equipment


An application that works

  • How to create convenient and effective software? How to make it satisfy users? Generate revenue? What features to implement? The development process and product features depend directly on the niche focus of the software. Therefore, Fruktorum is ready to discuss all the details of your order with you and find the optimal solution for your business and specifically your target audience. Below, we'll describe what it can be like...
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Types of Fitness Applications

Concept, design, interface, and functionality—all these components are determined after identifying the type of fitness utility needed. Broadly, they fall into three main categories, each with its unique features and characteristics

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For Workout Planning

These utilities function as personal trainers, aiding users in more effective exercise. They focus on teaching individuals how to properly perform exercises, often incorporating graphic, audio, and/or video content. Workout planning fitness apps can be further categorized by types of workouts, including:

  • Strength: Aiding in building muscle mass and strength
  • Endurance: Helping to burn calories and strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Mobility: Enhancing body flexibility, improving movement quality, and stretching muscles and joints
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For Activity Tracking

These utilities enable users to track their physical activity. With the prevalence of fitness bracelets and smartwatches, individuals can synchronize data with fitness trackers or smartphones. Users can access information such as the number of steps taken, heart rate, stress level, sleep duration, running speed, and other useful metrics. Activity tracking fitness apps are not limited to sports enthusiasts and are suitable for anyone, including those who do not frequent the gym

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For Diet and Nutrition Control

Suitable for individuals aiming to lose or control weight, monitor calories, maintain a daily regimen, and manage water balance. These software products are designed to cater to specific fitness needs and goals, providing users with tailored solutions for their health and well-being

Such applications typically include:

  • Calculators for calorie counting
  • Food diaries, ideal for individuals on specific diets
  • Tables with data on foods, detailing their protein, fat, carbohydrate, calorie, vitamin, mineral, etc.
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Features of the Fitness App

As previously mentioned, the primary objective of developing fitness utilities is to assist users in tracking their physical activity and achieving fitness goals. Therefore, when ordering your own application, it's crucial to consider at least its basic set of functions to ensure a positive user experience. While these bundles may vary based on the target audience and the type of fitness app, there is a certain foundation that is required for any software to make it simple and effective to interact with

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Key Features

  • User Profile

    A fundamental feature that allows owners to personalize offers and recommendations. Typically includes user data such as weight, height, goals, level of fitness, and activity

  • Personalization and Recommendations

    Algorithms analyze user information to better select individual training tracks, offer nutrition advice, diet plans, and sleep patterns. Visualizing progress through graphs or diagrams motivates users to continue their fitness journey

  • Exercise Database, Training Programs, and Lesson Planner

    Depending on the user's fitness level, provide databases of exercises or programs targeting specific muscle groups. Alternatively, generate flexible training plans tailored to individual goals and capabilities

  • Online Classes

    Ideal for users who cannot or prefer not to visit a fitness club. Access to workouts in video, audio, or text formats that can be performed anywhere

  • Nutrition Time Manager and Calorie Calculators

    Beyond fitness routines, a healthy lifestyle involves diet planning and meal timing. Applications can include meal planners, food databases, healthy recipes, water consumption notifications, habits, and fitness goals

  • Notifications, Educational Material, Integration with Mobile Gadgets, and Social Networks

    Notifications serve as a valuable option for active individuals. Users can receive articles on training methods, healthy products, and combinations during breaks. Integration with portable devices and gadgets makes the fitness application versatile

Selecting Functionality for Application Tasks

  • Before proceeding with the development of a fitness application, it's crucial to focus on the business problems that the program should address. The choice of suitable functionality depends on these identified issues. For instance, for applications that track physical activity and exercise performance, it is essential to have functions that allow reading data from gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. It is possible to provide the option to display images or videos to demonstrate the correct execution of movements/exercises
  • Progress tracking options operate based on accumulating data in databases. Visualization is achieved by implementing mathematical algorithms to create charts and diagrams. Additional user motivation can be organized through receiving rewards for achievements (with gamification elements), integration with social networks, implementing a chat where enthusiasts can share their fitness results
  • As a company with extensive practical experience in creating such applications, we recommend carefully considering the requirements and expectations of your future application's users. Additionally, take into account the capabilities of the devices on which the app will be used and leverage available software libraries. Choosing the right features will contribute to the development of the most convenient and useful fitness app for your users
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Stages and Main Steps of Developing Fitness Applications

Market Analysis and Project Introduction

Discuss the fitness application idea, gather information about existing competitors, and outline functionality. Develop a unique concept for potential users. Evaluate the project and create a project estimate

Selecting a Priority Platform, Creating Design, and Prototype

Choose the platform(s) for the fitness app (Android and/or iOS). Develop the application layout, create screens, and design UX/UI details for visualization and animation. At this stage, a prototype of the future development is presented for evaluation

Development and Testing Phase

Transform the prototype into a functional fitness app. Implement data transfer and integrate payment systems. Introduce support for additional utilities and smart gadgets. Conduct thorough testing to identify and resolve bugs, ensuring smooth operation across various smartphone models and ease of use

Publication and Support

After functionality testing, release the application for mass use on the Android and/or iOS platforms. Continuously improve the developed product to accommodate platform updates and enhance user experience

How long does it take to develop mobile fitness apps?

  • The development time for mobile fitness apps can vary significantly based on several factors, making it challenging to provide a precise answer. The timeline is influenced by factors such as the planned functionality and complexity of the program, the number of specialists involved, and the supported platforms. Simple Projects typically take 2 to 6 months
  • It's important to note that while the initial development time might be a few months, ongoing support, updates, and improvements contribute to the overall lifecycle of the application. Investing in high-quality debugging during the initial stages and providing ongoing support ensures the application works stably, minimizing issues and complaints. A well-designed and user-friendly interface can lead to increased user adoption and positive recommendations, contributing to the app's popularity and success. Ultimately, the time and cost of development can vary based on the unique requirements of each project
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How to monetize a fitness app?

  • It is not advisable to immediately offer the app for a fee in the store since users are hesitant to pay for a utility without understanding its capabilities, functionality, and user-friendliness. If you wish to make the application a paid one, consider providing a trial version that users can access for a specified period. Once users are convinced of the product's quality, they may be more willing to make a purchase

  • Incorporating brand advertising within the application stands out as one of the most popular methods for generating revenue for owners of such software. This approach increases revenue from sales for the company, provides profit for the software owner through advertising, and offers users a free app

  • Another strategy is to offer users a free application with limited functionality, such as basic features for counting steps and tracking physical activity. More extensive functionality for achieving enhanced fitness results can be included in the paid "premium" segment. Users can opt to pay for additional features, including ad removal, access to a personal trainer, and individualized lesson calendars

  • Subscription models are also effective for revenue generation, providing users with access to the complete functionality of the fitness app for a recurring fee. This model often includes exclusive content, advanced features, and a more personalized experience

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We invite you to collaborate with us

Finding companies that develop mobile fitness apps online is easy – there are dozens, if not hundreds, of them. However, entrusting your project to the first person you come across is not advisable, given the financial, deadline, and customer image considerations involved

  • Whether you've decided on a personal trainer app, a calculator app, or a motivator, feel free to reach out to us, even if you don't have a clear idea of what you want to develop. Our experts will help you formulate a concept that aligns with your vision and planned budget

  • During the initial stages of working on your fitness application project, we provide an approximate completion date based on our experience in the field. We offer realistic timelines, allowing you to gauge the readiness of your order

  • Our specialists conduct a detailed analysis of the competitive market and your project's target audience to craft unique software with an exceptional design and a user-friendly interface

  • To ensure your mobile fitness application operates swiftly, performs well, and remains relevant in both content and design, we employ advanced tools and modern solutions

  • At Fruktorum Studio, we adeptly allocate tasks among project personnel to minimize unnecessary time and financial costs. This approach ensures you receive a high-quality product at an affordable price, providing you with a guarantee of satisfaction

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