from $30 000

Development of social networks

Creating turnkey applications for social interaction, information exchange with relatives, friends, staff.

Why us?

Fruktorum company specializes in the development of applications for the exchange of information, content, as well as social interaction of users using handheld gadgets or work equipment.
We are ready to implement any ideas using new technologies, specialized knowledge and advanced developments in the field of security.
Applications that are developed specifically for enterprises, organizations, companies, corporations. In terms of functionality, they are able to replace popular messengers or social networks. The difference is that such products are completely controlled by corporate administrators.
Such a solution makes it possible to obtain the maximum level of security when exchanging or transmitting internal information representing a trade secret.
General - purpose
All kinds of social networks and applications that are used everywhere by a wide audience fall under this category. Instagram Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others are among them.
We are ready to develop both a new program and write a part of the code with updates for an existing product, taking into account specific requests.
Highly specialized
Social networks and messengers that allow you to communicate or share content only in a certain format.
As an example, we can consider TikTok, where you can upload only short videos. Popular Instagram allows you to share information only visually. Chat "Roulette" makes it possible to communicate only by video. In all variants, the text component is only in the description and comments.
Specialized applications differ in that they are developed for specific purposes and tasks performed within the framework of data transmission or communication of a certain circle of people.
They can be compared with corporate or profile programs. The difference is in the special emphasis on user security, data protection.
Communication applications that integrate into existing products to interact with customers, users, and provide additional services.

Key characteristics of the service

Design development
A unique concept for thematic solutions or classic variants created on the basis of basic principles of perception, influence on passion, duration of visiting cycles
Implementation of any functionality
The ability to create a simple messenger or a secure application with additional functions necessary for work, data exchange, joint editing of projects
Adaptation to all platforms
Development of cross-platform applications adapted to various resources, including unpopular OS
Reliable protection systems
Ensuring secure communication and file sharing through the use of up-to-date solutions in the field of protection and control of information flows

Our advantages

Lots of experience
Services are provided by professionals with over 10 years of experience in different fields. Our team houses more than 50 specially trained IT specialists
Neverending development
We visit international forums and exhibits, always learning about trends in development. We like to exchange experience with others and work on increasing knowledge of our IT specialists
New technologies
We use only the best technologies and apply ideas that passed our checkup. Wide variety of technologies help us in finding solution for any case
Big database of clientele
Quality of our services allows us to provide free warranty for projects after finishing with development of it

How we work


It is very important for us to control the entire development process, be flexible to implement any ideas and, as a result, provide a high quality product that meets all requirements of our client.

UX design and prototyping

We will visualize your idea in the shortest possible time: we will work out the map of your application, think over the user scenario to the smallest detail, prepare an application prototype that can be opened on any device in advance and see what needs to be changed in your future application.


Based on agile design methodologies and the information gathered in the previous steps, developers begin to architect and write code using modern and proven technologies.


Testing the software for bugs, as well as comparing the screens with the initially agreed graphic materials and documents at the development stage. So that your project works like clockwork and does not cause inconvenience to customers

Launch & Support

We release a developed and tested product to mobile platforms, deploy backend code to remote server and continue to support the created project, updating the code, handling queries of your clients and ensuring upload of updates.

Functionality and technologies

  • Text and voice chats

  • Comment system

  • Sending photos, videos, audio and other file formats

  • Developing a unique keyboard

  • Working with contacts from the phone book

  • Facebook, WeChat, Apple, Google+, Twitter, VK, authorization via other social networks

  • Online payment using ApplePay, GPay, Stripe, PayPal, Qiwi, Bank cards

  • Service for finding fellow travelers

  • Referral system

  • Customer Loyalty system

  • Pet Hotels

  • Telemedicine

  • Working with media resources: Video, Audio, Camera, Photos, Drawings

  • Social networks and news feeds

  • Search and various data filtering

  • Work with maps of various

  • iBeacon services (Bluetooth with low power consumption)

  • Integration of third-party services and APIs

  • Multilingualism and localization

  • Notifications and deep links

  • Sharing

  • Two-factor authorization and access to data via a biometric password.

  • Integration of analytics and convenient logging systems

  • Encryption and digital signatures

Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop
Mobile Application
Kotlin, Swift, Android Studio, XCode
Ruby on Rails, Python

Cost of works

from $30 000
Development time — 2 months
8+ screens
2 operating systems support
Unique design
Showing data from database
Feedback section
Depth of navigation up to 3 screens
Admin panel
from $50 000
Development time — 4 months
13+ screens
Minimum functionality
User's account
Third party services connection
Payment system integration
Push notifications
Forms of data upload
from $100 000
Development time — 5 months
15+ screens
Minimum and Medium functionality
Settings screen
Search of items in app
Customization of native solutions
from $30 000
Development time — 2 months
8+ screens
2 operating systems support
Unique design
Showing data from database
Feedback section
Depth of navigation up to 3 screens
Admin panel

Warranty for Trustworthiness

Legal rights for the app are always yours. Owner of the legal rights for the developed product is the client.
Client will always have access to the workflow of the project, development process see progress himself and understand release dates
Technical Warranty
We provide warranty for 3 months. In case of bugs or flaws on design/development side we fix for free these issues in shortest time possible
Stable price
The cost of the work will not be changed during the development process itself; it is formed on the basis of the terms of technical specification, which is signed before the start of work.


All projects
Data thief
Data thief
A browser adventure game about cybersecurity for a school in London.
An online platform used to create and promote events of any kind.
Mobile App
A mobile application that helps owners of repair shops provide services to drivers, wherever they are.
Debt Threat
Mobile App
Debt Threat
Financial assistant for those who want to learn how to properly allocate their financial resources and make a profit.
Simply nap
Mobile App
Simply nap
Mobile alarm clock application for those who like to relax for 5 minutes.
Shiny Soleil
Shiny Soleil
Browser-based educational game for preschool children.
Children's mobile app-game "Who is Max?" for preschool children and the Miniteam website.
Mobile App
Mobile application for teaching English in Japanese educational institutions.
A platform for providing medical services online.
One Touch
Mobile App
One Touch
A mobile application for monitoring and broadcasting information on car displays of the status of a trailer intended for the transportation of water vehicles.

Our clients


By submitting a request, you will receive:

Consultation of our manager

Collecting and formalizing your requirements

Recommendations and ideas based on your tasks

Commercial offer for your company

The final estimate with full details of your work