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Game Fitogotchi

Game application for monitoring your own weight and managing consumption of a healthy set of basic nutrients.

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Our project


A mobile application that allows you to track and monitor food consumption. Feeding Fitogotchi with the same products that the user consumes himself increases or decreases his physical form – this and analytical data allows users to see how the food intake will affect them. The nutrient program that was implemented into Fitogotchi app is based on works in gastroenterology, dietology and cosmetology by PhD Nazarenko from college of fitness and bodybuilding by Ben Weider.

What we worked on
  1. Drawing graphics, creating a 3D model and animations
  2. System for calculating kcal and PFC based on the indications of dieticians and nutritionists
  3. An algorithm for providing advice (in the form of local push notifications) on proper nutrition, based on the food consumed
  4. Interactive instructions on using the application

Unity, C#

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project image