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Mobile App One Touch

A mobile application for monitoring and broadcasting information on car displays of the status of a trailer intended for the transportation of water vehicles.

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USA, Radical Engineering, LLC


The client of this application is a company engaged in the production and sale of trailers for yachts and motor boats. Each wheel of the trailer is equipped with sensors that transmit information about the condition of the trailer on the road. Our goal was to develop a mobile app that displays information on each sensor while the trailer is moving – sensor temperature, wheel temperature, and pressure. But the main task was to implement an extension for the CarPlay system so that drivers could see the status of their trailer on the car monitor. This was to ensure the safe transportation of expensive sea transport, over long distances.

What we worked on
  1. Prototype and design in Figma
  2. The server part and the administrative panel
  3. Mobile application for the iOS platform with CarPlay support

Swift, Ruby on Rails

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