from $30 000

Mobile apps development for Android

We create apps that attract customers and bring in profits. We develop software for restaurants, taxi services, fitness centers, messengers, and much more

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Why us?

Ordering Android apps development from Fruktorum is a good way to organize effective management and promotion of business in various fields.
Comprehensive support at all stages of cooperation guarantees full compliance of ready-made applications with your requests and wishes.
The EdTech niche is one of the most challenging in the market, as even a minimum viable product (MVP) should include a list of courses and feedback from mentors.
We'll help you conquer your target audience and create a user-friendly platform for learning.
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Health and Fitness
An app for athletes will be beneficial for sports nutrition brands, health magazines, and fitness centers.
We'll add features for calorie tracking, workout monitoring, and result tracking.
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Currency and Finance
Banking apps, income and expense trackers, discounts, promo codes, and money transfers.
The software must be protected by encryption and security systems.
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Food ordering software, delivery aggregators, restaurant catalogs – this is a competitive advantage.
The more convenient your app is, the more customers will become loyal.
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We'll create software that keeps the audience engaged in your store, integrate it with CRM and payment systems, and design an appealing UX/UI.
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Gaming Apps
Development of gaming apps for Android from idea conceptualization to final implementation.
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Corporate and public taxis, aggregators, logistics services, cargo transportation – today, these businesses can't exist only within a website framework. Regular customers need user-friendly software.
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Travel and Leisure
Hotel and flight aggregators, resort cottages, top restaurants.
Most people book them through apps, so entering the market without one is not recommended.
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Social Networking and Communication
Chat and social networking elements are now present not only in messengers but also in games, aggregators, and online banking.
We'll enhance existing apps or develop new ones.
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Key Features

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Custom Solutions
Do you have an innovative idea that hasn't been realized yet? Do you want to bring something new to the IT, food tech, or finance market? Our team of developers will bring your project to life and make your company a market leader
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High Standards
We don't hide the development process: you will always be in touch with our manager, who will address any questions that arise. We will continue to assist you even after the release with support and updates
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Full Development Cycle
We don't hire freelancers or subcontractors – we handle everything ourselves. Our team includes UX/UI designers, developers, and testers who will execute your project
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Short Development Timelines
Every developer in our team is well-versed in algorithm theory and skilled in coding. This lets us quickly tackle tasks regardless of their complexity
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Our Advantages

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We tackle any tasks
Need an app for Android TV or have an idea that's not on the market yet? We'll carry out the task and make you market leaders
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We meet deadlines
Natural disasters, bad weather, pandemics – these are not reasons to postpone a deadline. We'll release the project regardless of circumstances
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Legal integrity
We'll sign a non-disclosure agreement: rest assured your project will remain confidential until the release
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Everything we know about Android app development, we'll apply to your project. The "Fructorum" developers have experience in corporate, sports, gaming, financial apps, and more
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Full cycle
We'll handle all organizational tasks, including design, programming, and testing. You won't need to hire additional performers
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We're confident in our abilities, so we offer a guarantee on all our products. If any issues arise, we'll resolve them for free
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We don't hide the production process. Our manager will stay in touch with you and answer any questions you have
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How we work


We analyze ideas and draw up a strategy for the project development. We study the industry, audience, and competitors' cases. At this stage, we create the terms of reference (TOR) and conduct user interviews

Design and Prototype Creation

We visualize the strategies and insights gathered during the planning phase. Our designers develop scenarios, prepare an application prototype, and present it to you for approval


Based on the TOR and prototype, we write the code. We recommend native Android development. Cross-platform programming is also possible if you plan to adapt the app for iOS


We test the software for bugs to ensure they don't make it into the release. After each testing iteration, the developer implements necessary revisions


Once the app is ready, we send it into production. At this stage, the software has been checked for bugs and thoroughly tested

Launch and Support

We assist with software support and publication: deployment, upgrades, updates, code refinement, and adding new features

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The tasks we solve

  • AR, VR, Barcode, QR code and other object recognition

  • Working with media resources: Video, Audio, Camera, Photos, Pictures

  • Animation, adding gaming elements, various gestures

  • Social media and news feeds

  • Search and various data filters

  • Working with maps of various services

  • iBeacon (Bluetooth with low power consumption)

  • Extensions: Widget, Wear OS, Android TV

  • Connection of various payment systems: GPay, Stripe, PayPal, Qiwi, UCassa, payment with bank cards

  • Integration of third-party services and APIs

  • eCommerce and various monetization

  • Multilanguage and localization

  • Notifications and deep links

  • Frameworks

  • Social networking: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, VK, WeChat

  • Two-factor authorization and data access via biometric password

  • Analytics and easy logging systems integration

  • Encryption and digital signatures

  • VPN

  • Working with tables, graphs and document flow

  • Sharing

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Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop
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Mobile Apps
Kotlin, Android Studio
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Ruby on Rails, Python
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Cost of work

from $30 000
Development time — 2 months
8+ screens
2 operating systems support
Unique design
Showing data from database
Feedback form
Navigation depth up to 3 screens
Admin panel
from $50 000
Development time — 4 months
13+ screens
Minimum functionality
User account
Third party services connection
Payment system integration
Data upload forms
from $100 000
Development time — 5 months
15+ screens
Minimum & Medium functionality
Settings screen
Data search in the app
Customization of native solutions
from $30 000
Development time — 2 months
8+ screens
2 operating systems support
Unique design
Showing data from database
Feedback form
Navigation depth up to 3 screens
Admin panel

App Support

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After testing is complete, the application is ready for release on Google Play. It has been repeatedly tested under real load. However, to ensure that customers continue to use the app over the long term, it needs to be regularly updated and enhanced.

With us, you can order post-release app support. The same developers who worked on building the app will be responsible for this, as they are familiar with the software architecture and its capabilities.

We provide comprehensive app support, including:

Additionally, we can offer support for apps developed by third parties if you have open-source code

  • Product analysis
  • Identification of innovations and enhancements
  • Evaluation of functionality and task realization strategy
  • Component updates
  • Implementation of new features

Our Clients

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What's better: cross-platform or native development?стрелка

It depends on your target audience, but we generally recommend native development if:

  • Performance is important to you. Kotlin and Java are better at leveraging the platform's capabilities compared to cross-platform solutions like Flutter. For instance, they require fewer intermediate libraries
  • Low-level features are needed. If you require access to hardware components such as a compass or gyroscope, native code will handle this better
  • Innovation matters. Innovations tend to appear first in native environments like Kotlin before making their way to cross-platform solutions, often with delays. For instance, Flutter's support for VR is still quite basic

If you plan to eventually port your software to other operating systems, such as iOS, then cross-platform languages like Flutter and React Native might be more suitable. Developing two native apps for Android and iOS is also an option

Another studio does it faster and cheaper, why?стрелка

Usually, the complete development cycle takes 2-3 months when we're creating an application from scratch. With a large number of additional features, the timeframe can extend to six months

2-3 weeks is the time that is needed to develop a minimum viable product. It's good for testing or checking whether the audience is ready

Many studios use ready-made no-code builders that don't require programming skills. However, they lack debugging systems, and bug fixes take much more time. There are numerous limitations that make the application less flexible. And when it comes to performance and native programming, the no-code paradigm is not suitable at all

I have an application from other developers. Can you finalize it?стрелка

Certainly, if you have the code at hand that needs to be updated, features added, or bugs fixed, we can help. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement

Is there support after release?стрелка

Absolutely, we offer application support services: updates, adjustments, modernization, etc. This is discussed separately during the creation of the TOR or after the release