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Website Crytivo

A gaming platform with elements of a social network.

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Crytivo Game Publishing House


An online service and social network for gamers. People can buy video games, create a player account, where the functions such as purchase of games, shopping cart, social network and much more will be available. Game developer has an extended version of the account, where he can publish their games, configure the project page, monitor sales and statistics.

What we worked on
  1. An online platform using the JavaScript language
  2. Adaptive website for the desktop version written with Electron
  3. Linking accounts when logging in using different methods (login/password, Facebook, Google)
  4. Accrual and purchase of domestic currency
  5. Payment for the product
  6. A developer account with the ability to download .exe and .dmg files

Ruby on Rails, Docker, Pug, JWT, REST API, Slim, Sidekiq, NATS, Redis, Crystal, RSpec, Factory Bot, Kaminari, Carrierwave, Consul, Thinking Sphinx

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