from $30 000

Mobile apps development for iOS

We design and develop mobile apps for business tasks. We work on UX/UI, backend, service integration, publishing, and support

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Why us?

iOS app development in Fruktorum is not only a good way to stay on trend, but also an opportunity to organize
effective business management, make profitable deals, help your customers easily and quickly access the offered services.
We implement a system for taking courses, checking assignments, chatting with mentors, progress bars, rewards, and certificate issuance.
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Health and Sports
Sports apps help monitor workouts.
We will develop a comprehensive training program, recommended exercises, track results, and generate reports.
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Finance and Currency
A category of apps that enable account management, automate mobile banking, and monitor currency transactions.
We will implement encryption systems and ensure a secure environment.
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Are you planning to open a restaurant or a delivery service?
We will develop a software with a menu catalog, shopping cart, payment processing, order tracking, and customer support chat.
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We'll help you sell your products more effectively.
We will develop a complete online store with user accounts, catalogs and filters, shopping carts, bonus rewards, and promo codes.
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Gaming Apps
Development of gaming apps for iOS from idea conceptualization to final implementation.
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Service for cab ordering, carsharing, car rental.
We will work out functionality and additional options.
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Travel and Leisure
Services for booking flights, bus schedules in different countries, hotel deals, and any other functions!
We will also develop an application for hotels and rental property owners.
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Social Networking and Communication
A full-fledged chat with emojis, file sharing, video conferences — it's all possible.
If you have an innovative idea, we will bring it to life in your app.
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Briefly about us

We meet deadlines
Any force majeure situations are not a reason to cancel an order. We will fulfill it, even if there's a pandemic, a blizzard, or an earthquake outside
Only genuine code
Why do many studios offer development for $1000-$3000 rubles? They use drag-and-drop builders. We are advocates of clean code, so our applications are optimized for iOS
Legal clarity
If necessary, we will sign an NDA. We take responsibility for the execution and security of your project during the development phase. After the release, you will have all the rights to the code
Our team has over 150 projects behind in various market segments: education, health and sports, leisure, and more
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    Custom Solutions. Do you have an idea that hasn't been realized by others yet? Do you want to bring something new to the iOS software market? We will help you create a new product that will make your company a market leader
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    Project Support. From the initial contact to the release, our manager will stay in touch with you. If you have a question, reach out to us and we will solve your problem. We can also help you update the code
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    Full Development Cycle. We don't rely on freelancers or contractors. Our team includes designers, developers, and testers. We will handle your task from the initial consultation to the release

Our Values

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Result-Oriented Work
We are capable of handling any iOS applications, regardless of complexity: from simple casual games to nationwide taxi services
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Transparent Processes
We don't hide the results of our developers' work. Our manager will always be in touch with you
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Long-Term Collaboration
Need post-release support for your application? No problem, we will provide support for at least 3 months
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We don't work with templates; instead, we provide original ideas to solve issues
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How we work


We study the industry, audience, competitors' cases, and create the terms of reference (TOR). Based on this, we build a development strategy, compile specifications, and project documents

Design and Prototype Creation

At this stage, we visualize the ideas collected during planning. We work on user scenarios, UX/UI, prepare several prototypes, and present them to you


We create the architecture and write the code. We use the native Swift language and select tools to make the application flexible, scalable, and reliable


We check the software for bugs so they don't make it into the release. Our testing team verifies the software or compliance with the TOR and provides reports to the development team


After the release, we continue to support the product: we upgrade it, release updates, update the code, and add new features

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The tasks we solve

  • AR, VR, Barcode, QR code and other object recognition

  • Media handling: Video, Audio, Camera, Photo, Pictures

  • Animation, adding gaming elements, various gestures

  • Social media and news feeds

  • Search and various data filters

  • Working with maps of various services

  • iBeacon (Bluetooth with low power consumption)

  • Working with tables, graphs and document flow

  • Sharing

  • Extensions: Carplay, Widget, HealthKit, HomeKit

  • Connection of various payment systems: ApplePay, Stripe, PayPal, Qiwi, UCassa, payment with bank cards

  • Integration of third-party services and APIs

  • eCommerce and various monetization

  • Multilanguage and localization

  • Notifications and deep links

  • iWatch OS, iMessage

  • Frameworks

  • Social networking: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, VK, WeChat

  • Two-factor authorization and data access via biometric password

  • Analytics and easy logging systems integration

  • Encryption and digital signatures

  • VPN

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Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop
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Mobile Apps
Swift, Objective-C, XCode
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Ruby on Rails, Python
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What affects development costs

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The price is influenced by several factors:

  • Design. Well-crafted UX/UI is the key to success. If users like the interface, they will become your customers. The more designers involved in development, the higher the cost of the project
  • Functionalities. Additional features and complex architecture are more expensive than a minimal viable product
  • Backend Development. The performance and efficiency of the application depend on the backend, which affects the overall cost
  • Testing. Testing an application of national or international scale under real load requires additional resources and is more expensive

Cost of work

from $30 000
Development time — 2 months
8+ screens
2 operating systems support
Unique design
Showing data from database
Feedback form
Navigation depth up to 3 screens
Admin panel
from $50 000
Development time — 4 months
13+ screens
Minimum functionality
User account
Third party services connection
Payment system integration
Data upload forms
from $100 000
Development time — 5 months
15+ screens
Minimum & Medium functionality
Settings screen
Data search in the app
Customization of native solutions
from $30 000
Development time — 2 months
8+ screens
2 operating systems support
Unique design
Showing data from database
Feedback form
Navigation depth up to 3 screens
Admin panel
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What is the difference between native and cross-platform applications?стрелка

We are strong advocates of native development, especially for complex applications, for several reasons:

  • Performance: Native development allows you to fully utilize the capabilities of the platform. Cross-platform solutions like Flutter cannot achieve the same performance without additional libraries
  • Low-Level Functions: When accessing smartphone components such as compass or fingerprint sensor, native programming is necessary
  • Cutting-Edge Features: Platform innovations typically debut in native languages. For instance, Flutter still only offers basic VR support without advanced effects
You don't have projects that are exactly like mine. Can you handle it?стрелка

If there's no project in our portfolio that closely resembles yours, it's possible that we simply haven't been approached with such ideas before. In today's IT industry, there are hundreds of unique applications, but they all share a common set of features: registration, catalog, geolocation, payments, etc. Surely, our developers have the knowledge to bring your idea to life. We will discuss your project and choose the technologies and algorithms to achieve it

Who will own the rights to the code?стрелка

We will hand over the rights to the applications to you, as specified in the agreement. There will be no claims on our part for the code

What do you need to estimate the cost and timeline?стрелка

To provide an estimate, we need a detailed project brief or terms of reference. If you don't have one, we can help you create it. Initially, we need to understand the essence of the application, its functionalities, and whether monetization is planned. It would be very helpful if there are similar apps in the market that you can reference, as this will speed up the cost and timeline estimation process

Why do other studios offer lower prices and shorter timelines?стрелка

If we're talking about a basic Minimum Viable Product (MVP), it can be developed within a few weeks, especially if the software is generic. MVPs are great for testing ideas, but they might not be suitable as fully-fledged applications. Additionally, some studios use no-code app builders, but these platforms often lack the flexibility to debug software and fix bugs. For a comprehensive app developed from scratch, a more realistic timeline would be around 2-3 months

Are you open to working on app improvements done by other developers?стрелка

Yes, if you have the open-source code available, we can certainly work on improving it. We would establish a non-disclosure agreement before reviewing the code

Do you provide ongoing project support?стрелка

Certainly. Firstly, we offer a warranty on our applications. If any bugs arise after the release, we will promptly address and fix them. Secondly, you can request ongoing support and maintenance services, including updating the codebase and adding new features