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Development of mobile applications for iOS

Specialized IT specialists are ready to promptly develop unique software applications to quickly achieve their goals in various fields.

Why us?

Application development for iOS at Fruktorum is not only a good way to be constantly on trend, but also an opportunity to organize
effective business management, make profitable deals, help your customers easily and quickly access the services offered.


Training programs are a popular format for obtaining knowledge at a convenient time, anywhere.
After downloading the desired course to an iOS gadget, you can independently assimilate useful information even without Internet access or outside the range of a mobile operator.

Health and sports

You can order mobile applications from us both for health control, for maintaining tone, sports, fitness, and comprehensive solutions of a universal type.
We offer products that are fully adapted to specific requests and wishes.

Finance and currency

Mobile products can be ordered to manage personal expenses, finances of an individual entrepreneur or a large enterprise.
Advanced functionality allows you to make investments, make numerous purchases, plan a budget taking into account currency exchange rates, and solve other tasks.


With the help of multifunctional applications, it is easy to organize or optimize a food and grocery delivery business.
We develop programs for both small cafes and large restaurant chains.


Mobile applications allow you to significantly increase the audience of potential consumers of the online store.
After all, there are significantly more owners of pocket gadgets than users of stationary computers.

Gaming applications

Compact games make it possible to pass the time pleasantly in queues, transport, and other places.
Such mobile applications are in demand by all categories of the population, regardless of gender, age or hobbies.


Functional applications are able to track equipment in order to effectively solve logistics tasks of varying complexity.
You can order from us both compact programs for a small enterprise and complex solutions for a large fleet with tens of hundreds of units of transport.

Travel and recreation

Our mobile applications help customers easily access schedules, tickets and other useful resources to organize a pleasant and comfortable stay.
And most importantly, the user receives information about profitable offers and promotions as quickly as possible, which allows optimizing the costs of long-awaited travel.

Social networks and communication

You can order the development of an application from us to organize communication between your customers with unique functions that provide a competitive advantage in the market, provide a closed information exchange environment without unnecessary noise, or as an additional tool in the main program, where users can quickly solve their questions in the context of using the main mobile application.

Key characteristics of the service

Individual solutions

The competitive advantage of ordering iOS application development from Fruktorum is the high efficiency and reliability of finished products fully adapted to specific requests, requirements and wishes.

Project support

Clients interact with a personal manager who provides full information and technical support until the project is put into operation.

Full development cycle

We carry out the entire cycle of work from free consultations and the formation of an idea to its implementation in practice.

High standards

The development of applications for iOS at Fruktorum is carried out by experienced programmers according to the most up-to-date standards.

Our advantages

Lots of experience

Services are provided by professionals with over 10 years of experience in different fields. Our team houses more than 50 specially trained IT specialists

Neverending development

We visit international forums and exhibits, always learning about trends in development. We like to exchange experience with others and work on increasing knowledge of our IT specialists

New technologies

We use only the best technologies and apply ideas that passed our checkup. Wide variety of technologies help us in finding solution for any case

Big database of clientele

Quality of our services allows us to provide free warranty for projects after finishing with development of it

How we work


It is very important for us to control the entire development process, be flexible to implement any ideas and, as a result, provide a high quality product that meets all requirements of our client.

UX design and prototyping

We will visualize your idea in the shortest possible time: we will work out the map of your application, think over the user scenario to the smallest detail, prepare an application prototype that can be opened on any device in advance and see what needs to be changed in your future application.


Based on agile design methodologies and the information gathered in the previous steps, developers begin to architect and write code using modern and proven technologies.


Testing the software for bugs, as well as comparing the screens with the initially agreed graphic materials and documents at the development stage. So that your project works like clockwork and does not cause inconvenience to customers

Launch & Support

We release a developed and tested product to mobile platforms, deploy backend code to remote server and continue to support the created project, updating the code, handling queries of your clients and ensuring upload of updates.

Functionality and technologies

  • AR, VR, Barcode recognition, QR codes and other objects

  • Working with media resources: Video, Audio, Camera, Photos, Drawings

  • Animation, adding game elements, various gestures

  • Social networks and news feeds

  • Search and various data filtering

  • Work with maps of various

  • iBeacon services (Bluetooth with low power consumption)

  • Sharing

  • Extensions: Carplay, Widget, HealthKit, HomeKit

  • Connection of various payment systems: GPay, Stripe, PayPal, Qiwi, payment with bank cards

  • Integration of third-party services and APIs

  • eCommerce and various monetization

  • Multilingualism and localization

  • Notifications and deep links

  • iWatch OS, iMessage

  • Frameworks

  • Working with social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, VK, WeChat

  • Two-factor authorization and access to data via a biometric password.

  • Integration of analytics and convenient logging systems

  • Encryption and digital signatures

  • VPN

  • Working with tables, graphs and document flow


Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop

Mobile application

Swift, Objective-C, Xcode


Ruby on Rails, Python

Cost of works

Warranty for Trustworthiness


Legal rights for the app are always yours. Owner of the legal rights for the developed product is the client.


Client will always have access to the workflow of the project, development process see progress himself and understand release dates

Technical Warranty

We provide warranty for 3 months. In case of bugs or flaws on design/development side we fix for free these issues in shortest time possible

Stable price

The cost of the work will not be changed during the development process itself; it is formed on the basis of the terms of technical specification, which is signed before the start of work.

Our clients

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